डॉ हिरेन डी। रावल

डॉ हिरेन डी। रावल


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डॉ हिरेन डी। रावल



7690 / 2567760


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Invited talks/Conference presentations:

  1. Invited talk on “Recent advances in Thin Film Composite RO membrane development and applications” for a short term training program entitled “Advances in Membrane developments and hand on experience” in October 2016 at SVNIT Surat.
  2. Invited talk on “Desalination using Renewable Energy Sources” for a Short Term Training Program entitled Recent trends in Chemical Engineering in July 2016 at SVNIT Surat.
  3. H.D. Raval*, S. Maiti, A. Ghassemi, L. Karimi (2014) “Options for improving attractiveness of renewable energy powered desalination” at AICHE Annual meeting-2014 Atlanta, GA, USA.
  4. H.D. Raval*, A.H. Raval, V.R. Chauhan (2013) “New life of discarded RO membrane for alternate applications”, IDAWC-2013 proceedings Tianjin, China
  5. H. D. Raval* (2014) "Recent advances in membrane technology" invited lecture at Dharmasinh Desai University Nadiad, March-2014.
  6. H.D. Raval* (2014) "New avenues in membrane science and technology" invited lecture for a short term training program at VVP Engineering College in June-2014.
  7. H.D. Raval* (2010) "Nanotechnology in Water Treatment: An emerging trend" invited speech at Global R & D Conclave-2010 at New Delhi.
  8. H.D. Raval* (2008) "Desalination in India and Middle-East: Current Trends and Future Prospects" at CHEMCON -2008, Chandigarh.
  9.  H.D. Raval* (2006) "Dual role of chlorine on TFC membrane post treatment" an International symposium organized by Indian Desalination Association in March 2006 at Jaipur.
  10. H.D. Raval*, A.K. Swain (2004) "Degradation of film grade HDPE during processing" presented in CHEMCON-2004, a joint symposium of IICHE and AICHE.
  11. H.D. Raval* (2002) "Metallocene Catalyst initiates New Era in Polymer Synthesis" presented in a national level paper presentation FOOTPRINTS-2002.



  • --Associate Member of Royal Society of Chemistry (AMRSC), Life member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IICHE), Life Member of Indian Desalination Association (InDA), Member of Gujarat Science Academy (GSA).


As a Principal Investigator

  • --Value creation from solid waste: Discarded Reverse Osmosis membrane elements sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (Status: Ongoing- Funding: INR 2.69 Cr.)
  • --Recycling of thin film composite RO membrane by removal of polyamide layer and in situ interfacial polymerization CSIR EMPOWER Project (Status: Completed)

As a team member

  • --Membranes with improved performance and enhanced fouling resistance for desalination and water purification
  • --Membrane and adsorbent technology platform for effective separation of gases and liquids
  • --A consolidated biomass process for integrated production of multiple products from fresh marine microalgae.


Membrane Systems Design, Process Engineering, Thin Film Composite RO Membrane Process, Renewable energy powered desalination, Novel Membranes for Water Treatment Applications.