Type of Technology
Potable water
Deployed Technologies
RO Plant, (RO and ED)

Fabrication and installation of tailor made water purification plants using indigenous membranes for community level. From seawater to subsoil high TDS water can be used as inlet feed and potable water meeting WHO standards can be supplied (up to 5000 LPH). In areas having very low raw water supply the ED route can be adopted to provide clean drinking water. Such units require low maintenance and are ideal for hilly terrains, coastal areas, deserts, border areas etc. The ED technology can also be used to produce ultrapure water for laboratory use.


Turnkey project on design, development, fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of 0.1 MLD capacity brackish water desalination RO plant for Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board, Bhuj – Kutch Gujarat.


Type of Technology

Water/ (Recycle or Reuse)

Deployed Technologies

Decentralized multistage constructed wetland (DMCW) system for sewage/greywater treatment, use and circular economy.

Design and deployment of tailor made wastewater purification plants (2-100 KLD) for rural areas, small to medium scale residential communities, thereby reducing dependency on fresh water resources and achieving environment protection. The treated water achieves CPCB standards for irrigation. The treated water will be used for resource recoveries through irrigation, gardening, horticulture, and aquaculture thereby generating circular economy. The developed technology focuses on clean water & sanitation, sustainable communities and cities, sustainable production and consumption and food security. In water scarcity areas the DMCW technology can be adopted to provide clean water for indirect potable activities. Such sustainable systems require low operation and maintenance.

CSIR-CSMCRI has successfully deployed systems in its office premises (capacity: 3.6 KLD; for institutional wastewater treatment and use for gardening), scientist apartment colony (3 KLD; for residential wastewater treatment and use for horticulture and aquaculture) and given scientific and technical support to Ramakrishna ashram, Rajkot (5 KLD; for greywater treatment and use for gardening).



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