Salt and Marine Chemicals

  1. Technology for the production of sulphate of potash & refractory grade magnesia from sea bittern
  2. Technology for production of micro nutrient enriched cattle licks
  3. Process for production of potassium nitrate from sea bittern, through selective K-precipitation technique
  4. Production of industrial grade high purity salt from sea water/subsoil and lake brines suitable for chlor-alkali manufacture
  5. A process for production of non-hazardous brominating reagent
  6. Process for the preparation of solar salt reduced levels of trace impurities, and having high purity and whiteness suitable for edible and industrial applications
  7. Preparation of low sodium salt of botanic origin – Saloni – with backward integration of cultivation of Salicornia brachiata
  8. Manufacture of sodium chloride and potassium chloride of any percentage ratio (low sodium edible salt) from mixed salt/bittern and manufacture of pure potassium chloride therefrom
  9. Preparation of low sodium salt of botanic origin – Saloni K – with backward integration of cultivation of Salicornia brachiata and Kappaphycus alvarezii
  10. Process for recovery of common salt, potassium chloride and high purity magnesia from brine in an integrated manner
  11. Double fortified salt technology for fortification of salt with iron and iodine
  12. Process for the recovery of high purity salts - sodium chloride and sodium sulphate from crudes (sulphate-rich brine)
  13. A process for pharma-grade sodium chloride
  14. Production of high purity heavy basic magnesium carbonate from bittern

Membranes, Resins & Materials for water desalination, water purification and separation processes

  1. Hollow fibre domestic water filter of 1 LPM capacity operated under gravity without any electrical energy
  2. Preparation of specific polymeric adsorbents for the removal of arsenic and arsenic & fluoride from drinking water
  3. Nanofiltration membrane for water softening by partial desalination, decontamination and disinfection
  4. Electro-deionization unit for producing ultrapure water
  5. Rejuvenation of the end-of-life seawater reverse osmosis membrane elements
  6. Process for inter-polymer membranes for the separation/concentration of value-added chemicals/salts from aqueous/organic medium
  7. Antifouling ultrafiltration membrane for separation of oil-in water emulsion
  8. Self-powered mobile van for water purification/desalination to provide safe potable water
  9. Composite hydrophilic pervaporation membrane for alcohol-water separation
  10. Conversion of low valued salt into high valued salt (KCl to K2SO4/KNO3 or NH4NO3 to KNO3, and similar cases) by ionic metathesis using electrodialysis
  11. Flat sheet thin film composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane and spiral module making technology for brackish & seawater desalination including bio-degradation of organic effluent stream generated in the membrane process development
  12. A high recovery ED-RO hybrid process for water purification/desalination with high water recovery
  13. Acid and oxidative resistant cation exchange membrane based on fluorinated polymer (2 sq. m scale) for electrodialysis, electrolysis and other electrochemical processes.
  14. Flat sheet ultra-filtration (UF) membrane and spiral module making technology for water purification and removal of pathogens
  15. Electro-dialytic desalination for production of mineral-balanced potable water
  16. Fast and safe defluoridation of water using alumina
  17. Hollow fiber ultra-filtration membranes for water purification and removal of pathogens
  18. Process based on polymer-based ion-exchange resins for the removal of arsenic from ground water and arsenic detecting kit