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A ZLD management of molasses-based alcohol distilleries effluent (spent wash) with value-added products – potash & organics

IPR Status & Details:

IN 318659; US 10683211; US 10793480; IDP 000072069

Application/Uses/Problem being addressed

Effluent from sugarcane molasses-based distilleries (spent wash) pose serious environmental threat for contamination of groundwater & waterbodies. This is the single biggest impediment for ethanol capacity expansion in Indian context. This ZLD compliant spent wash management technology allows distilleries to produce various value-added marketable products (viz., FCO grade potash fertilizer, cattle feed binder etc.) from spent wash.

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features/ Impact

  • Process involves recovery of FCO grade potash fertilizer, organics (binder in cattle feed formulation), activated carbon & water, using spent wash as resource.
  • Indigenous potash fertilizer – import substitution
  • De-linked from sugar mill - more alcohol from same distillery
  • ZLD + Sustainable environment
  • Ethanol capacity expansion – enabling scope to achieve fuel blending target
  • TRL Level & Scale of Development:- TRL 7 TRL Reference

    Commercial plant is operational.

    Business scope & opportunity (in terms of scale, cost, market etc.)

    Potential client base:

    India: >350 distilleries

    SE Asia, Africa, Brazil etc.

    Environmental Considerations

    The process is ZLD compliant and all solid streams are saleable product – environmentally safe & benign process; Implementation of the process would lead to better environment in particular for land/water bodies around the distilleries.

    Status of Licensing:

    Licensed technology

    The technology has been licensed to M/s Aurangabad Distillery Limited (ADL)

    Status of Commercialization:

    The unit – attached to ADL’s 60-klpd distillery at Walchandnagar, Maharashtra – is operational.

    Major Raw Materials Needed

    Distillery spent wash, lime, magnesia, nitric acid, sulphuric acid etc.

    Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required

    Generic equipment required in chemical plant, viz., reactors, settlers, filter press, dryers etc.


    Broadly, for a 60 KLD distillery, ₹25-30 crore would be the initial investment towards plant and machinery with a payback period of < 3 years.

    Technology Package

    Know-how transfer of the process; License fee and other financial details would be made available on specific request.

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