Business & Collaboration Opportunities

  1. A sustainable way of extracting R-Phycoerythrin from seaweeds using bio-refinery

  2. Plastic Chip Electrode (PCE) – A Multipurpose Electrode Platform

  3. Hollow Fiber Membrane Domestic Filter For Water Clarification and Desalination

  4. Gracilaria debilis cultivation for Agar and Sap

  5. Imidazopyridine and Benzoimidazothiazole Based Azo Dyes

  6. “All In One” Microalgae 

  7. Saloni: The Vegetable Salt

  8. Process for Preparation of Alpha Pinene Oxide from Alpha Pinene

  9. Quick Detection Kit for Aqua Contaminant Detection Anytime , Anywhere

  10. Process for production of 2-5 BHMF

  11. Process for GVL production

  12. Process for the production of Phthalides & Methyl Benzoic acid

  13. Greener Process for Alpha-Campholenic Aldehyde

  14. Catalytic Processes for α-campholenic aldehyde and carveol from α-pinene

  15. Process for the preparation of Calcium Silicate

  16. CSMCRI TEchnology for Demo- Vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) for grid-scale

  17. CSMCRI Technology For Demonstration -Treatment of ETP wastewater of oil industry

  18. CSMCRI Water Desalination Technology for Licensign - Indigenous Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Brackish water and Seawater Desalination

  19. Technology for Licensing Kappaphycus Alverezii SAP

  20. Technology for Licensing RO installation

  21. Technology for Licensing Solar thermal Dryer

  22. Technology for Scale up Halophytes Potential source of halotolerant  PGPR

  23. Technology for Demonstration - Membrane based Solutions for zero and minimal liquid discharge applications

  24. Technology End-of-life Reverse Osmosis Membrane rejuvenation

  25. Technology for Demonstration and Scalue up study - Microalgal based γ-linolenic acid production