Ankush Biradar

Dr. Ankush V. Biradar

Principal Scientist

Academic Qualifications

Ph. D (2009) –University of Pune, India, M. Sc. Chemistry (2001) - School of Chemical Sciences, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded, India

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Dr. Ankush V. Biradar

Principal Scientist

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100. Krishnan R.; Pawara, D.; GBE Jean-Louis.; Biradar, A. V.*  Mo-based bio-derived carbon catalyst enables a tandem dehydration reaction for the direct synthesis of fuel precursors from fructose, Fuel, 2023, accepted IF 7.4

99. Mehra, S.; Naikwadi, D. R.; Biradar, A. V.* Kumar, A.* "Selective Isomerization of α-pinene oxide to Trans-Carveol by Task-Specific Ionic Liquids: Mechanistic insights via Physicochemical Studies" Green Chemistry, 2023  25, 6218-6225  IF: 9.8

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96. Naikwadi, D. R.;* Muthukumar, D.; Tayade, R. J.;* Pillai, R.S.;* and Biradar, A. V.* A novel route for isomerization of α-pinene oxide at room temperature under irradiation of light-emitting diodes Materials Today Chemistry  2023, 33, 101682  IF: 7.3

95. GBE Jean-Louis.; Krishnan R.; Biradar, A. V.* Designing of 3D architecture flower-like Mn-promoted MgO for CO2 adsorption and CO2-assisted aerobic oxidation of alkylbenzenes ACS Materials and Interface 2023 15, 14, 17879–17892  IF 10.38

94. Chaudhary, P.; Naikwadi, D. R. Biradar, A. V. Singh, S.* "Heterogeneous Chiral Covalent Organic Framework for the Enantioselective Epoxidation of Styrenes and Chromenes" Langmuir, 2023, 39, 31, 10925–10934  IF: 3.9

93. Patil, R. D.; Shelte, A.;  Biradar, A. V.; Patihar. S. "Sustainable and Selective Transfer Hydrogenation using Waste Shrimp Shell-Based Tetrazene-Ru(II) Para-cymene Catalyst with Ethanol as a Hydrogen Source" Applied Organometallic Chemistry  2023 Accepted IF: 4.3

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90. Kirti; Singh, A.S.; Biradar, A. V.*; Srivastava, D. N* "Producing green hydrogen in an efficient way using a nexus of waste-biomass derived catalyst and cost-effective & scalable electrode platform " New J. Chem., 2023,47, 12208-12216 3.3

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87. Ghadge, V. A; Krishnan R.;Naikwadi, D. R.; Pramod B. Shinde, P. B.*Biradar, A. V.* "Natural Eumelanin-Based Porous N-Doped Carbon as Active Bio-catalyst for Base- and Initiator-Free Aerobic  Oxidation of Olefins and Alkyl Aromatic Hydrocarbons" Green Chemistry,  2023, 25, 2863-2871. IF 9.8  ‡ equally contributed

86. Gaikwad, R. P.; Naikwadi, D. R.; Biradar, A. V. Gawande, M. B.,  Photocatalytic One-Pot Conversion of Aldehydes to Esters and Degradation of Rhodamine B Dye Using Mesoporous Graphitic Carbon Nitride ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2023, 6, 3, 1859–1869 IF 5.9

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78. Krishnan R.; Biradar, A. V.* “Highly Active and Scalable SO3H functionalized Carbon Catalyst synthesized from Bagasse for Transformation of Bio-based Platform Chemicals into Fuel precursors and Its in-depth Characterization Studies” Fuel, 2022, 310, 122402,  IF 8.035

77.  Bankar, B. D.; Krishnan R.; Saravanan, S.; Biradar, A. V.* “Niobium oxide supported on cubic spinel cobalt oxide as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of imines via. dehydrogenative coupling of amines and alcohols” Catal. Lett. 2022 152, 3733–3746  IF 2.936

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Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, Synthesis and characterization of Nanomaterials: Nanoporous materials (e.g. MCM, SBA and Silica sphere), core-shell (silica, ceria and zirconia) shaped nanoparticles, (Nano Particles: Au, Pd, Co), organometallic complexes, supported heterogeneous catalysts, Techniques: Sol-gel, Co-precipitation, Post-grafting, Catalysis: Oxidation, Dehydrogenation, Hydrogenation, Carbonylation, Amination, Suzuki coupling, Nitro-aldol reactions, Biocatalysis etc., Gas phase, High pressure reactions.

Heterogeneous Catalysis , Synthesis and characterization of Nano, Multifunctional Catalysts (Carbon, Silica, Ceria and Zirconia), Catalysis: Oxidation, Dehydrogenation, Hydrogenation, Carbonylation, Amination, Nitration, Nitro-aldol reactions etc. Gas phase and High Pressure reactions Bio-Materials synthesis