Dr. Babulal Rabari

Dr. Babulal Rabari

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Dr. Babulal Rabari

Principal Scientist


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 1.    An adsorption study of Sr2+ from saline sources by coconut shell charcoal. Azaz A. Gogda, Rajesh Patidar and Babulal Rebary, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 38:8, 1162-1167, 2017. (I. F. 1.112)

2.    Geological Introduction to Strontium-Rich Sub-soil Brine with Emphasis on the Little Rann of Kutch and Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Azaz A. Gogda, Rajesh Patidar and Babulal Rebary, The Journal of geological society of India, Vol.89, January 2017, pp.82-86. (I. F. 0.596)

3.    Fluorescence characteristics of carbon nanoemitters derived from sucrose by green hydrothermal and microwave methods. Rajesh Patidar,  Babulal Rebary and  Gopala Ram Bhadu, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 5; 169:25-9, 2016 (I. F. 2.653).

4.    Application of non-fluorescent carbon particles as scavengers for heavy metal ions: A waste utilization approach. Rajesh Patidar, Babulal Rebary and Hariom Gupta, Separation Science and Technology, 51:10, 1618-1626, 2016 (I. F. 1.083)

5.    Fluorescent carbon nanoparticles as label-free recognizer of Hg2+ and Fe3+ through effective fluorescence quenching in aqueous media. Rajesh Patidar,  Babulal Rebary, Gopala Ram Bhadu & Parimal Paul, Journal of Luminescence, 173, 243–249, 2016. (I. F. 2.719)

6.    Colorimetric and Fluorogenic Recognition of Hg2+ and Cr3+ in Acetonitrile and their Test Paper Recognition in Aqueous Media with the Aid of Rhodamine Based Sensors. Rajesh Patidar,  Babulal Rebary & Parimal Paul, J Fluoresc., 25(2), 387-395, 2015. (I. F. 1.667)

7.    An improved protocol for electrodialytic desalination yielding mineral-balanced potable water. Amit K. Thakur, Niharika Srivastava, Tina Chakrabarty, Babulal Rebary, Rajesh Patidar, Rahul J. Sanghavi, Vinod K. Shahi, Pushpito K. Ghosh, Desalination,  335,  96–101, 2014. (I. F. 3.041)

8.    Estimation of bromide and sulphate in common table salt and high purity solar salt employing ion chromatographic technique. Babulal Rebary, Meera Raichura, S. C. Upadhyay and Parimal Paul, Journal of Indian chemical society, 90 (11), 2063-2069, 2013. ( I. F. 0.251)

9.    Effective management of passive layers using composite cathodes in solid state magnesium batteries. Mosarrat Perween, Rajeev Gupta, Babulal Rebary, Vaibhav Kulshrestha and Divesh N. Srivastava, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 15, 17758—17762, 2013. (I.F. 3.829)

10.    Preparation of thin film polymer composite membranes for optical resolution of racemic mixture of α-amino acids. Pravin G. Ingole, Hari C. Bajaj, D. N. Srivastava, Babulal Rebary & Kripal Singh, Separation science and technology, 48: 1777–1787, 2013.  (I.F.   1.088)

11.    Mapping of Iodine, Lithium and Strontium in Oilfield water of Cambay Basin, Gujarat. Babulal Rebary, Meera Raichura, Sonal R Mangukia and Rajesh Patidar. The Journal of geological society of india, Volume 83(6), pp 669-675, 2014. (I.F.  0.596)

12.    Determination of iodide and iodate in edible salt by ion chromatography with integrated amperometric detection. Babulal Rebary, Parimal Paul and Pushpito K. Ghosh, Food chemistry, 123, 529-534(2010). ( I.F.   3.334)

13.    Study on the Interaction of 3, 4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine (dl-dopa) with Nonionic and Ionic Surfactants by Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Babu Lal  and  Seema Acharya, J. Surface Sci. Technol., Vol 26, No. 1-2, pp. 95-103(2010).

14.    Eosin Blue in Micellar Media: A Fluorimetric and Spectrophotometric Approach.
Babulal Rebary and Seema acharya, Malaysian Journal of Chemistry, 12(1), 054-61(2010).

15.    Fluorescence  spectrometric study  of  eosin  yellow Dye-Surfactant  interactions.
Babu Lal  and  Seema Acharya,  Arabian J. Chem. Vol. 2, No. 1,11-19(2009).( I.F.   2.26)

16.    Spectrofluorimetric study of 3-amino pyridine in micellar  media. Babu Lal  and  Seema Acharya, J. Surface Sci. Technol., Vol 24, No. 3-4, pp. 125-138( 2008).

17.    Spectrofluorimetric study of esculin in micellar media. Babu Lal  and  Seema Acharya, Journal of Indian Council of Chemists, 23(2), 88-91 (2006).

Method development

Ion Chromatography, Scanning Probe Microscope