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 Dr. Doddabhimappa R Gangapur

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Dr. D. R Gangapur


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Scientific Publications:

1. Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, B.G.Prakash, P.M.Salimath,R.L.Ravikumar and M.S.L.Rao (2009) Correlation and path analysis inIndian mustard ( Brassica junceaL.Czern and Coss) Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences,22(5) (971-977).

2. Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, B.G.Prakash and Channayya P Hiremath (2011) Genetic variability studies of germplasm accessions in Indian mustard under protected and unprotected conditions at Bijapur,Karnataka International Journal of Agricultural Sciences 7(1) (54-57).

 3. Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, B.G.Prakash,Santoshkumar Magadum and Channayya P Hiremath (2012) General performance of germplasm accessions in Indian mustard Brassica juncea L.) under protected and unprotected conditions at Bijapur, Karnataka Research on Crops ,An International Journal 13(1): (143-146).

4. Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, B.G.Prakash Santoshkumar Magadum, B Jayadev and Channayya P Hiremath (2012) Genetic diversity analysis of mustard Brassica juncea L.) under protected and unprotected conditions at Bijapur, Karnataka Bioinfolet. Vol.9 (4A) (525-530).

5. Santoshkumar Magadum, Shrishail Duggi, Doddabhimappa R Gangapur and S. K. Verma (2013) Role of Molecular Breeding in Genetic Improvement of Pigeonpea International Journal of Bioresource and Stress Management 4 (2) – Special, (382-388).

6. Doddabhimappa R. Gangapur, K. Thiyagarajan, Santoshkumar Magadum, and D. Malarvizh (2014) Genetic Diversity Analysis of Rice Genotypes for Yield and Yield Attributing Traits Environment & Ecology 32 (3) : (803—807).

7. Doddabhimappa R. Gangapur, K. Thiyagarajan,and Santoshkumar Magadum (2014) Genetic analysis to assess the parental lines for grain quality traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Research In Environment and Life Sciences 7(3) (205-208).

8. Santoshkumar Magadum, Urbi Benerjee, R. Ravikesavan, Doddabhimappa R Gangapur and N.Manikanda Boopathi (2012) Variability and Heritability analysis of yield and quality traits in interspecific population of cotton ( Gossypium spp.) Bioinfolet. Vol.9 (4A) (484-487).

9. Santoshkumar  Magadum., Urbi Benerjee, Priyadharshini Murugan Doddabhimappa R Gangapur and R. Ravikesavan (2013) Role of Gene Duplication as a Major Force in Evolution Journal of Genetics (Vol. 92(1), (155-161).

Research Note/Abstracts published in Journal/Seminar/Symposium/ Conferences:

1. Doddabhimappa R Gangapur and B G Prakash (2008) Studies on Genetic Variability in the Indian mustard ( Brassica juncea L.Czern and Coss) Germplasm and its Suitability to Northern Karnataka Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 21(4) (664).

2. Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, B G Prakash, Channayya P Hiremath and P M Salimath (2010) Genetic Diversity Analysis of Indian Mustard ( Brassica juncea L.) Third National Congress on Plant Breeding and Genomics 7-9, July 2010 pp:22.

3.Santoshkumar Magadum, Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, Malini and Kavithamani D (2011) Molecular markers for assessing plant genetic diversity 10 th National level Biological Congress on Promising Faces of Biotechnology 7 th and 8 th January 2011 pp:176.

4. Doddabhimappa R Gangapur , K. Thiyagarajan, D.Malarvizhi and C.Vijaylakshmi (2012) A Physiological approach to identify rice hybrids for thermo tolerance 6 th  International Hybrid rice Symposium 10-12 Sept., 2012 Hyderabad, India pp: 89-90

Popular articles published in leading Dailies /Institutional /Govt. Departmental Periodicals /Radio talks/TV programmes / Phonein programmes :

  1. Santoshkumar Magadum, Urbi Benerjee, M Priyadharshini and Doddabhimappa R Gangapur (June 2012) Application of Genomics for Crop Improvement: Opportunities and Challenges Agrobios pp: 19-20.
  2. Santoshkumar Magadum, Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, A. Srinivasraghavan and Kalmesh Managanvi (Sept.2012) Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Using Array and Association Mapping Agrobios pp: 34-36.
  3. G.Rajesha, Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, and Manjunatha Hubballi (March 2013) Significance of Plant Pathogens in Biological Control of Weeds Agrobios pp: 64-65.
  4. G.Rajesha, Doddabhimappa R Gangapur, and Manjunatha Hubballi (May 2013) Application of Computer Vision Based System in Agriculture Agrobios pp: 90-91.


Research and development (Plant Breeding), Field level transfer of technology

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