Dr. Nirmal Kumar Saha

Dr. Nirmal Kumar Saha

Principal Scientist

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Dr. Nirmal Kumar Saha

Principal Scientist


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Book Chapters:

N. K. Saha and A. Bhattacharya (2010), Membrane Desalination: Methods, Cost, and Technology, in: Irena  A. Urbonienė edited Desalination: Methods, Costs and Technology, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., U.S.A.


Nirmal Kumar Saha, Characterization and control of membrane fouling: Sugarcane juice ultrafiltration, VDM Publishers, Germany, 2009

Thin film composite membrane for SWRO, BWRO, and other applications: optimization of preparation conditions and properties both in flat sheet and hollow fibre configuration. Membrane surface modification for their performance enhancement.

Membrane characterization and tailoring; membrane fouling characterization and mitigation.