Dr. J.R. Chunawala

Dr. J.R. Chunawala

Senior Principal Scientist

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Dr. J.R. Chunawala

Senior Principal Scientist


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Projects carried out    

1. SOP test bed (Demonstration/Pilot plant) for production of sulphate of potash (May 2012 -  Continuing)

2. Bioavailability study of Double Fortified salt ( DFS) (May 2012 -  Continuing)

3. Development of process for micronutrient fortification of salt (May 2012 -  Continuing)

4. Process development for preparation of synthetic hydrotalcite from waste containing aluminum stream for M/s Heubach color Pvt. Ltd, Ankleshwar, India. (Oct 2009 – Oct 2012)

5. Process development of a process for the reduced fluoride content from mineral trona and NaCl for Magadi Soda, Kenya, taken over by M/s Tata Chemicals Ltd, Magadi, Kenya. (March 2009 – April 2011)

6. Preparation of Zeolite –A from low grade bauxite for M/s Reminco Resources Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad,India. (March 2009 – April 2011)

7. Development of cost effective process of free flowing sodium nitritefor M/s Deepak nitrite, Vadodara, India. (March 2009 – April 2011)

8. Conversion of Fluorogypsum to Ammonium sulphate for Honeywell Inc., USA (Jan 2008 – June 2008)

9. Development  of integrated process for (Ammonium sulphate) and  SOP using Merseburg reaction (April 2008 – March 2009)

10. Process for preparation of precipitated calcium carbonate of vaterite polymorph from waste generated in acetylene, manufactured through calcium carbide for M/s DSCL, Kota, India. (March 2008 – Dec 2009)

11. Transfer of technology for preparation of high strength plaster of paris from marine gypsum (Oct 2009 – Dec 2009)

12. Development of process for preparation of Light Basic Magnesium Carbonate from Mg containing waste stream for M/s  Chrome chem Industries, Kolkata, India. (April 2006 – Dec 2007 )

13. Development of  process for the preparation of Heavy Basic Magnesium Carbonate from Bittern (June 2006 – Dec 2007 )

14. Development of ultra-stable iodizing agent with zero effluent for iodized salt (April 2006 – Dec 2007 )

15. Development of process for Synthetic Hydrotalcite (SHT) for M/s Stride Specialty chemicals, India from waste stream containing aluminum chloride  (April 2005 – March 2006 )

16. Development of process for preparation of iodized salt with improved stability using novel iodizing agent ( elemental iodine) (Jan 2003 – April 2004)

17. Process for preparing  Zeolite-A  and SHT using Kutch Bauxite for M/s Cube Minerals , Vadodara, India (Jan 2004– March 2006)

18. Process Development for preparation of Detergent grade Zeolite-A, precipitated silica, sodium silicate from Kimberlite waste for NMDC Hyderabad, India. (April 1998– March 2000)

19. Upgradation of byproduct calcium carbonate from Nitrophosphate plant of GNFC, Bharuch ,India into value added products such as precipitated calcium carbonate and activated calcium carbonate (April 1998– March 2000)

20. Modification, improvement and revision of K Carrageenan process for M/s Pepsico India Holdings Limited,Goregaon. (April 1998– March 2000)

21. HAZOP and Risk Analysis study of 1200 tons per day (tpd) soda ash plant for M/s GHCL, Veraval, India. (April 19966 – March 1997 )      

 Patents : 

1. Iodizing agent and process for preparation thereof Dr. P.K.Ghosh, Dr.S.H.Mehta, ,Mr.J.R.Chunawala, Mrs.M.V.Sheth,  Mr.M.R.Gandhi International Application No.PCT /IN 2004 /000190 ,Granted  on 13 th April,2010 US patent  No. 7695707 

2. Process for the preparation of Stable Iodate-Exchanged Synthetic Hydrotalcite with zero effluent discharge. Dr. P.K.Ghosh, Mr.M.R.Gandhi ,Dr.S.H.Mehta, Dr.G.Ramachandraiah, Mr.J.R.Chunawala ,Mrs.M.V.Sheth, Gohil Girirajsinh.    US 8,241,483 B2 (August 2012).

3. An improved iodized salt and a process for its preparation. Dr. P.K.Ghosh, Dr.S.H.Mehta, Mr.J.R.Chunawala, Mrs.M.V.Sheth, Mr.M.R.Gandhi International  Application No. PCT/IN2004/000405, Pub.No. WO/2006/067798

4. Process for simulations production of potassium sulphate ,ammonium,sulphate magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide from kainite mixed salt and ammonia.  Dr. P.K.Ghosh, Dr.H.Modi, Mr.J.R.Chunawala, Mr.M.R.Gandhi, Dr. H.C. Bajaj   Mr.Pratyush Maiti, Ms. H,H. Deraiy    International Application No. PCT/IN2010/000194, Pub.No. WO/2010/10949

5. Process for Preparing Hydrotalcite and Brucite type charge layers.  Dr.P.M.Oza, DrS.H.Mehta, Dr.P.K.Ghosh, Mrs.M.V.Sheth, Mr.M.R.Gandhi Mr.J.R.Chunawala, International Application No. PCT/ IB 2002/0057222 , Granted  on 4 th April,2006, US patent  No. 7033302,

6. An improved process for the preparation of hydrotalcite useful as antacid  Dr.P.M.Oza, Dr.S.H.Mehta, Mrs. M.v.Sheth, Mr. M.R.Gandhi, Mr.J.R.Chunawala Dr.S.D.Gomkale Indian Patent Application No.1053 / DEL2000 filed on 24/11/2000, Granted on 6th March,2004, patent No. 19216

7. Process for preparing amorphous silica from kimberlite tailing Dr.R.V.Jasra, Dr.H.M.Modi, Dr. H.C.Bajaj , Dr.R.S.Somani, Mr.J.R.Chunawala Granted on May 2, 2006 ,US patent No. 7,037,476

8. Process for preparing detergent builder zeolite A from kimberlite tailings. Dr.R.V.Jasra, Dr.H.M.Modi, Dr. H.C.Bajaj , Dr.R.S.Somani, Mr.J.R.Chunawala Granted on 14th July,2009, US patent No. 7560093  

9. An energy efficient process for the preparation of sodium silicate from kimberlite    tailings. Dr.R.V.Jasra, Dr.H.M.Modi, Dr. H.C.Bajaj , Dr.R.S.Somani, Mr.J.R.Chunawala Granted on  26th  Feb.,2008, US patent No. 7335342  

10. A process for generation of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate from calcium carbonate rich industrial byproduct. Dr. R. V. Jasra, Dr. P.M. Oza, Dr. R.S. Somani, Mr. J. R. Chunawala, Mrs. M. V. Sheth, M.Y.M. Badheka, Mr. V.V. Thakkar, Mr. V.B.Patel, Mrs. J. Ayyer  Granted on14th Sept.2004, US patent No.6.790,42 

11. A process for generation of finely divided calcium carbonate from industrial rich byproduct    Dr. R.V. Jasra, Dr. P.M. Oza, Dr. R.S. Somani, Mr.J.R.Chunawala, Mrs. M.V.Sheth, Mr. M. Badheka, Mr. V.V. Thakkar, Mr. V.B. Patel, Mrs. J.Ayyer   Granted  on 13 th July,2004, US patent  No. 6,761,864 

12. Preparation of high purity precipitated calcium carbonate from highly impure calcium hydroxide such as generated during the production of acetylene from calcium carbide. Mr. M.R. Gandhi, Mr. J.R.Chunawala, Mr.Pratyush Maiti, Ms.H.H.Deraiya, Mr.H.L.Joshi , Mrs.M.V.Sheth, Mr.S.C.Upadhyay, Patent filed, No.0094NF2009

13. Development of a cyclic process for the production of high purity soda ash with reduced fluoride content from mineral Trona. Mr.M.R.Gandhi, Mr.J.R.Chunawala, Mr. Pratyush Maiti, Dr.K.M.Popat  Application No- 1028/del/2012, Filing date- 03 April 2012  

14. A novel process for preparation of synthetic hydrotalcite from industrial waste Mr. M.R. Gandhi , Mr.J.R.Chunawala, Dr.S.H.Mehta Application No- 603/DEL/2012  

15. Novel double fortified salt compositions containing iron and iodine and process of preparation thereof. Mr.J.R. Chunawala, Dr.P.K.Ghosh, Mr.M.R.Gandhi,Dr.S.H.Mehta  Application No- 607/DEL/2012, Application Date- 02 March 2012     Membership of professional societies Member (9900166283), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (A.I.Ch.E.)   Life Member (15066), Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (I.I.Ch.E.)   Honors and Awards

  • Received 2001 CSIR Technology Prize in the area of Biological Sciences and Technology for the development of large scale cultivation of Euhema and production of Kappa Carrageenan.

Magnesium based speciality chemicals ,scale up,evaluation,waste utilisation,micronutrient fortification of salt.

Process development & design, Scale up, Waste utilisation, CO2 utilization into value added products