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Dr.(Ms.) Subarna Maiti

Principal Scientist

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1) Sustainable synthesis of a high performance inter-polymer anion exchange membrane employing concentrated solar radiation in a crucial functionalization step, Milan Dinda, Uma Chatterjee, Vaibhav Kulshrestha, Saroj Sharma, Soumyadeb Ghosh, G. R. Desale, Vinod K. Shahi, B. S. Makwana, P. D. Maru, Vaibhavee Bhadja, Subarna Maiti and Pushpito K. Ghosh, accepted for publication in JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE.


2) High Energy Density Bio-oil via Slow Pyrolysis of Jatropha curcas Shells, Prasanta Das, Milan Dinda, Nehal Gosai, Subarna Maiti, accepted for publication in ENERGY & FUELS.


3) Modus operandi for maximizing energy efficiency and increasing permeate flux of community scale solar powered reverse osmosis systems, Harsh Vyas, Krunal Suthar, Mehul Chauhan, Ruchita Jani, Pratap Bapat, Pankaj Patel, Bhupendra Markam, Subarna Maiti, accepted for publication in ENERGY CONVERSION & MANAGENMENT.


4) A novel photovoltaic powered Reverse Osmosis with improved productivity of reverse osmosis and photovoltaic panel, Hiren Raval & Subarna MaitiJOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE & RESEARCH, Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, and Available Online from 18 March 2015.


5) Ultra low energy reverse osmosis with thermal energy recovery from photovoltaic panel cooling and TFC RO membrane modification. Hiren Raval & Subarna Maiti. DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT Vol. 57/13 March 2016.


6) Practical and sustainable household seawater desalination using an improved solar still. Subarna Maiti, Chitrangi Bhatt, Pankaj Patel, Pushpito K Ghosh, DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT VOL. 57/10 March 2016.


7) Solar Driven Uphill Conversion of Dicyclopentadiene to Cyclopentadiene: an Important Synthon for Energy Systems and Fine Chemicals. Milan Dinda,   Supratim Chakraborty,   Mrinal Kanti Si,   Supravat Samanta,   Bishwajit Ganguly,   Subarna Maiti and   Pushpito K. Ghosh. RSC ADVANCES 2014, 4, 54558–54564.


8) CFD analysis and experimental validation of improvement in overall energy efficiency of a solar photovoltaic panel by thermal energy recovery. Hiren D Raval, Subarna Maiti, Ashish Mittal, JOURNAL OF RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY 6, 033138 (2014).


9) Feasibility study of jatropha shell gasification for captive power generation in biodiesel production process from whole dry fruits, Subarna Maiti, Pratap Bapat, Prasanta Das, Pushpito K. Ghosh, FUEL 121 (2014) 126–132.


10)Solar photo-thermochemical reaction and supercritical CO2 work up for a fully green process of preparation of pure p-nitrobenzyl bromide, Milan Dinda, Supratim Chakraborty, Supravat Samanta, Chitrangi Bhatt; Subarna Maiti, Sandip Roy, Yogesh Kadam, Pushpito Ghosh, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 2013, 47, 10535-10540.


11)Use of solar thermal energy in the hydrodistillation of essential oil , Subarna Maiti, Chitrangi Bhatt, Pankaj Patel and Pushpito K. Ghosh, JOURNAL OF RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, 4, (2012)  063106 .


12) Optical Modeling of a photovoltaic-V-trough system installed in western India, Subarna Maiti, Nabin Sarmah, Pratap Bapat and Tapas K. Mallick, APPLIED OPTICS, 51, 8606-8614 (2012).


13)Self-Regulation of Photovoltaic Module Temperature in V-trough using a Metal-wax Composite Phase Change Matrix,  Subarna Maiti, Sudhanya Banerjee, Kairavi Vyas, Pankaj Patel and Pushpito K. Ghosh, SOLAR ENERGY;85(2011)1805-1816.


14)Performance evaluation of a small scale indirect solar dryer with static reflectors during non-summer months in the Saurashtra region of western India , Subarna Maiti, Pankaj Patel, Kruthika Eswaran, Kairavi Vyas, Pushpito K.Ghosh, SOLAR ENERGY, 85(2011)2686-2696.


15) Performance of a silicon photovoltaic module under enhanced illumination and selective filtration of incoming radiation with simultaneous cooling. Subarna Maiti, Kairavi Vyas, Pushpito K.Ghosh. SOLAR ENERGY; Volume 84, Issue 8, (August 2010), 1439-1444.


16) Silicon-doped carbon semiconductor from rice husk char. Subarna Maiti, Pushan Banerjee; Swati Purakayastha; Biswajit Ghosh, MATERIALS CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS ; 109 (2008) 169–173.


17) Production of low cost carbon adsorbents from agricultural wastes and their impact on dye adsorption. S. Maiti, S. Purakayastha and B. Ghosh CHEMICAL ENGINEERING COMMUNICATIONS; 195:386– 403, 2008.


18) Thermal characterization of mustard straw and stalk in nitrogen at different heating rates. S. Maiti, S. Purakayastha and B. Ghosh, FUEL; Volume 86, Issues 10-11, July-August 2007, Pages 1513-1518.


19) Physical and thermo chemical characterization of rice husk char as a potential biomass energy source. S. Maiti, S. Dey, S. Purakayastha and B. Ghosh, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY; 97 (2006) 2065-2070


20) Production of activated carbons from rice husk and their application in effluent treatment in rice mills. S. Maiti, S. Dey, S. Purakayastha and B. Ghosh, JOURNAL OF RESIDUALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY; July 2005, Volume 2, Number 3, pp, 143 -145.



Patents filed (as key team member):


1. Improved V-trough solar concentrator system for enhanced power output from the conventional photovoltaic array powering a community scale reverse osmosis desalination unit, Year 2009, Complete Indian patent application no: 1550/DEL/2009


2. Improved solar dryer and method of operation for enhanced efficiency of drying, Year 2011, Publication no.WO2012156768 (A1); 2012-11-22


3. Improved household solar still with easy operation and maintenance and enhanced output, Year 2012, Publication no.WO2013128473 (A1); 2013-09-06


4. Process for solar driven solvent extraction of microalgal lipids, Year 2012, Publication no.WO2013150547 (A1); 2013-10-10


5. Standalone laboratory scale device for conducting solar-driven organic reactions promoted by elevated temperature, light and agitation and process thereof. Year 2012, Publication no.WO2014009882 (A1); 2014-01-16

Renewable Energy

Design & development of gadgets utilizing solar thermal energy, PV-Thermal hybrid applications for RO desalination, Thermochemical conversion of biomass