S Bhadra

Dr. Sukalyan Bhadra

Principal Scientist

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M.Sc.: University of Calcutta Ph.D.: Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

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Dr. Sukalyan Bhadra

Principal Scientist

Mob: 8697488295

Personal Webpage: https://sukalyanbhadracsmcri.wixsite.com/home


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2016 and Earlier

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1. Synthesis and process development of selected perfumery chemicals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Key Starting Materials (KSM). 2. Catalytic stereoselective synthesis of chiral compounds and drug intermediates. 3. Green and sustainable catalysis via C–H functionalization and decarboxylative transformations.

Organic synthesis, Homogeneous catalysis, Asymmetric catalysis, C–H functionalization, Sustainable chemistry