This group is actively pursuing research on halophytes towards utilizing them as genetic resources and value addition to their products. The study includes functional genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular systematics, biodiversity and bioremediation. The division has expertise in plant biotechnology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, biochemistry, microbiology, plant breeding and genetics, agronomy, plant nutrition and soil fertility.



The current research activities are:

  1. Genome sequencing of the Salicornia brachiata (Amaranthaceae, salt accumulating), and Aeluropus lagopoides (Poaceae, salt secreting) halophytes.
  2. In-vitro characterization of salt tolerant genes and transcription factors from halophytes.
  3. Genetic engineering of crop plants for enhanced abiotic and biotic stress tolerance.
  4. Physiological and biochemical approaches for elucidation of abiotic stress tolerance in halophytes and crop plants.
  5. Microbial communities and nutrient cycling in the coastal ecosystem.
  6. Cultivation of halophytes for empowering coastal population.
  7. Plant microbe interaction towards development of salt tolerance in the crop plants by halotolerant PGPRs.
  8. Development of nutritionally enriched cucumber using transgenic approach.
  9. Improvement of disease tolerance in crops using seaweed extracts.

Technology transferred to Industries for commercial production:

Preparation of low sodium salt of botanic origin

Technology available for licensing for commercial production:

Cultivation of technology of Salicornia brachiata for generation high quantity biomass


  1. . Preparation of nutrient salt of plant origin (US6929809, IN221049, AU2002244907, BRPI0205773-5, CA2429700, CNZL02802456.7, EP1487283, DE, ES, FR, GB, IL154973, IT, JO2336, JP4206343, MX243499, SE1487283, US6929809, US2, PCT/IN02/00063, WO03079817)
  2. Low sodium salt of botanic origin (US7208189, IN245319, AU2004318169, BRPI0418592 (A), CA2562109, CN100515945 (C), EP1735239 (A1), IL178410, JP4955538 MX266374, WO2005097681 (A1))