Division of Natural Products & Green Chemistry (NP&GC) is actively engaged in the research focused onutilization of coastal resources such as algae, halophytes, and their associated microorganisms for generation value-added products and potential leadsby employing advanced techniques from natural product chemistry and microbiology.

  1. Value addition of seaweed polysaccharide by means of their chemical/structural modifications towards producing functional new materials
  2. Development of improved downstream processing protocols/technologies for commercially important seaweed polysaccharides
  3. Dissolution and derivatization of biomacromolecules in neoteric benign solvents such as ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents.
  4. Development of eco-friendly protocols for the extraction of biomolecules from bioresources.

Our Organic Chemistry group is also actively engaged in the research interest focus on Green and Sustainable Chemistry. Development of advanced, efficient and selective methodologies that reduces the generation of by-products and waste, which is highly important in basic as well as industrial research. Research goal includes homogeneous catalysis (use of economic Cu, Fe,and Ni), organocatalysis, heterogeneouscatalysis and transition metal-free catalysis using commercially available and economic starting materials for the : 

  1. Synthesis of various heterocyclic compounds.
  2. C-C, C-heteroatom bond formationreaction via C-H bond activation.
  3. Design, synthesis,and bioassay of heteroatom fused small organic molecules.

Also, synthesis of industrially important organic intermediates through greener routes.

Technology available for licensing for commercial production:

  1. Preparation of Food & Bacteriological Grade Agar from Indian Seaweed biomass
  2. A zero liquid discharge process for the production of alginic acid and its derivatives from alginophytes
  3. Preparation of capsule shells and pouches from carrageenan obtained from Kappaphycusalvarezii
  4. A zero liquid discharge process for the production of fuel intermediate (HMF) &Levulinic acid (LA)
  5. “Green Bromine” for diverse application

Technology transferred to Industries for commercial production:

  1. Preparation of Molecular Biology Grade Agarose from Indian Seaweed Suitable for Nucleic acid Separation
  2. Integrated process for simultaneous recovery of sap and carrageenan (Semi-refined and refined carrageenan) from fresh Kappaphycusalvarezii seaweed the basic raw material
  3. Process for the production of semi-refined and refined-κ-carrageenan from seaweed Kappaphycusalvarezii
  4. Process for liquid seaweed fertilizer from brown algae-Sargassum