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Our Mission

The mission of the Institute and its people is to work in partnership with visionary sponsors and collaborators to generate the knowledge and innovations required for efficient utilization of our coastal wasteland, sea water, marine algae, solar power and silicates. The Institute will also harness its capabilities in biosciences, chemical transformation, process engineering, environmental monitoring, separation science and analysis to address focused needs of industries and organizations in the region and beyond.

Our Vision

The vision of CSIR-CSMCRI is to become a global leader through cutting-edge research in the domains of salt & marine chemicals, membrane based water purification, desalination & separations, marine micro- and macroalgae and halophytes - cultivation, genetic engineering & downstream processing, clean chemical/energy transformations including catalysis, functionalized & niche materials & devices, valorisation of waste, and build human resource through S&T-led sustainable innovations that caters industry and enhance the well-being of the society and nation at large with an endeavour of enabling circular economy.


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Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute
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