Our Recent Achievements

1. M/s Archean Group of Companies, Chennai has recently been allotted 60,000 acre of land in the Greater Rann of Kutch to put up a 100,000 TPA sulphate of potash (SOP) plant, integrated with MgO production, based on our patented ( US Patent 7,041,268) process which was licensed to them.  The company has been assured an additional 40,000 acre land to expand SOP production to 300,000 TPA in the second phase. Now that land has been formally allotted, the know how demonstration is underway and the major components of the process have been demonstrated successfully to the client.
It is proposed to set up a 3000 TPA unit immediately so that SOP can be provided for large scale trials all across India and also to serve as the basis for detailed engineering for the larger plant.  DST has evinced interest in supporting this nationally important project under Potash Mission and the proposal is getting ready. Apart from this a status note on potash was prepared for Hon. Minister of Science & Technology and newspaper reports suggest that the Government is considering extension of subsidy to SOP

2. CSMCRI has licensed a fully integrated Jatropha biodiesel process to DRDO on turnkey basis.  This will be a zero effluent discharge plant with all waste converted into value and the biodiesel complying with EN14214 standards. The plant is expected to be ready for commissioning in May, 2008.  The PCT International Preliminary Report on Patentability has cleared all 21 claims of our process from all angles, viz. novelty, inventiveness and utility. Among other achievements, the CSMCRI Qualis van has completed 73,000 km running on our neat Jatropha biodiesel with no engine modification and a tie up was established with General Motors to achieve Euro IV norms with the CSMCRI Jatropha biodiesel.  On the agriculture front, our plantation raised from cuttings in Orissa is faring well. We have exceeded 3 kg of seed yield for some plants and also achieved the highest ever reported seed weight (average of 0.8 g for CP-9) with excellent oil content (40%).   We have also succeeded in raising the efficiency of our shoot tip micropropagation process with an improvement of multiplication ratio from 3-4 to 6-8. Nature published an article on Jatropha in October 2007 with copious references to our pioneering efforts.


  • (a) Nine RO plants were successfully commissioned in A&N islands under very difficult circumstances. There was huge appreciation for this effort from all quarters.
  • (b)Following the successful demonstration by CSMCRI that saline lignite mine water generated in the mines of Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals can be converted into drinking water with minimum 65% recovery, RSMML issued a tender for a 20 MLD plant with CSMCRI as consultant. The order has been released by RSMML for setting up the 20 MLD plant on DBOOT basis.